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Global Caché Flex Link Cable RS485


Serial Cable to bring RS485 Functionality to the iTach Flex

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For Use With The ITach Flex

The Global Caché Flex Link Serial Cable (RS485) connects to your iTach Flex Module via the 3.5mm jack to enable IP/WiFi control for RS485 serial components. The RS485 setting includes Baud Rate, Duplex, Parity, Data Bits, and Stop Bits. The cable is both 4-wire (full duplex) and 2-wire (half duplex) capable. Duplex is unique to RS485 cables. It should be set to Full for 4-signal RS485 and Half for 2-signal RS485

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The Global Caché family of connectivity products provides choices for the industry professional and the consumer, significantly reducing costs and providing a scalable platform for today and the future. Global Caché's belief in open systems and the evolution of the automation market is being played out today, since cost-effective PC-based and phone-based control applications are now becoming widely available. iTach devices, Network Adapters, and other Global Caché connectivity products have radically changed the automation dynamic. These products are engineered to integrate easily into any control environment, even high-end proprietary systems, providing a path to open systems and better competitive leverage.


  • Interface: Serial RS485; 4-wire (full duplex) and 2-wire (half duplex) capable
  • Connector: 5 pin screw terminal block
  • Speed: 300 baud to 115.2 Kbaud
  • Cable/Connector: 5 feet, 3.5 mm plug connects to Flex Link Port


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