Velbus Edge lit control module with motion and twilight sensor, black frosted


Edge lit control module with motion and twilight sensor, black frosted

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  • motion detector for indoor use
  • 1 channel for motion detection with adjustable timeout
  • 2 channels for light dependent motion detection with adjustable light sensitivity and timeout
  • 1 channel for absence detection with adjustable timeout
  • 2 channels for twilight detection (dark and light) with adjustable light sensitivity, reaction time and timeout
  • one pushbutton (touch technology)
  • adjustable button reaction time (0, 1, 2 or 3 seconds)
  • detection of short and long button press
  • configurable dual channel pushbutton: a different channel is selected depending on the length of the push (short or long push)
  • configurable multi-channel operation on pushbutton: the next channel is selected at each press (up to 2 channels)
  • extensive day, week and year programs plus a built-in astronomical clock (sunrise and sunset timing) are included to operate pushbuttons automatically
  • integrated temperature sensor to control the heating and air conditioning (only usable when side LEDs are turned off)
  • feedback/mood lights with RGBW side LEDs (adjustable light intensity and RGBW color)
  • the light intensity and color of the feedback and/or mood lights are independently adjustable per side
  • LED-indication for supply voltage and data (backside)
  • uses one address for the pushbutton, motion and twilight channels, and another address for the thermostat function (optional) (configurable in the VelbusLink configuration software)
  • configurable by using the Home center module (HISv2) or Velbus PC interface (VMB1USB or VMBRSUSB) and the free VelbusLink configuration program
  • available in black and pure white, in both glossy and frosted finish


  • detection range: 94° horizontal x 82° vertical
  • detection distance (motion): max. 5 m
  • light sensitivity: 10...300 lux
  • touch-technology: SMSC RightTouch®
  • front material: safety glass
  • supply voltage: 15±3 VDC
  • possible addresses: 250
  • program steps: max. 66
  • dimensions:
    • LxWxD: 86 x 86 x 11 mm (4 mm glass + 7 mm to wall)
    • installation depth: 28 mm including the connector
  • temperature range: -10°C to +40°C
  • not suitable for installation on electrically conductive surfaces (eg. metal), or nearby sources of electromagnetic disturbances
  • power consumption:
    • when side LEDs are off: 25 mA
    • when side LEDs are full brightness: 110 mA
  • mounting frame included (screw / clamp)


Q. How to make a Velbus motion sensor switch the light?

A. A Velbus motion sensor (VMBPIRO, VMBPIRC, VMBPIRM, VMBGP4PIR) has to switch the light on during 3 minutes when motion is detected. How do I program this in Velbuslink? Read more ... (PDF)Q. How can I make a Velbus motion sensor switch a relay at the second movement within 1 minute (to avoid false alarms)?A. Read more... (PDF)

Q. How can I disable and enable push buttons and sensor channels at certain times?

A. A light needs to be switched by a PIR sensor from 8:00 until 22:00, and by a push button from 22:00 until 8:00. How do I program this in Velbuslink? Read more... (PDF)

Q. How can I make a motion detector set a light to a certain dim value during a certain time?

A. A Velbus motion sensor needs to turn a light on at a certain dim value (eg. 50%) during a certain time (eg. 1 minute).
This can be done as follows:
- in the configuration of the Velbus motion sensor module, set the timeout of the motion output to 1s
- create an action "Set to percentage" with the motion output channel as initiator and the dimmer channel as subject. Set the dim percentage parameter (in our example 50%). This action has also a "duration" parameter. Set this to the desired on time (in our example 1 minute)Q. Advanced configuration of a PIR motion sensor, light and ventilation in the toiletA. The following functionality needs to be programmed:
- a Velbus PIR motion detector switches the light on in the toilet
- 2 minutes after the light goes on, the ventilation has to start
- 3 minutes after the light goes out, the ventilation has to stop
- if the light is off before the 2 minutes have passed, the ventilation has to stay off 
Read more... (PDF)

Q. PIR sensor different dimming values before and after sunset

A. My PIR sensor switches a dimmed light circuit. When movement is detected, the light should be switched on at 70% during the day, and at 30% during the night. Read more ... (PDF)


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