Velbus keypad with RFID for access control


Keypad with RFID for access control 

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  • designed to be used with the Velbus domotics system
  • vandal-resistant die-cast zinc alloy protection bracket for surface mounting
  • faceplate material: stainless steel
  • back-lit keypad (blue light) with metal keys and selectable light duration (on-10s-off)
  • standby LED and 2 user channel status LEDs on the front
  • built-in tamper detection
  • weatherproof (IP65)
  • 2 separate user channels with max. 1,000 users for controlling channel 1 and max. 100 users for channel 2
  • 50 visitor codes for temporary workers and visitors, for one time use or which expire after a programmable time of 1-99 hours
  • 4-8 digit user codes, RFID cards or fobs, or combination of the two for different security levels
  • advanced possibilities using Velbus configuration:
    • channel inhibition during certain periods and/or activated by Velbus buttons, sensors,...
    • configure a Velbus button as egress button, for opening the door without using codes or cards (e.g. for a button inside the building)
  • additional functionality using inputs/outputs that are not connected to the Velbus system (if needed these can be connected using Velbus input and output modules):
    • input for sensing the door position: e.g. by directly connecting a normally closed magnetic door switch (used for warning beeps when the door remains open, advanced security access, …)
    • egress input: for opening the door without using codes or cards, eg. using a button inside the building directly wired to the keypad
    • duress output: when entering the duress code, the user channels will be operated just like a normal code, but additionally the duress output (open collector) will be closed, eg. for triggering a silent alarm when someone is forced to operate the keypad
    • alarm output (open collector): closes when the door is forced open or opened after the egress delay (configurable 1-99 seconds)
  • compatible with : 125 kHz Manchester 64-bit EM4100 & EM4200 EM cards and keyfobs
  • CAN terminator switch with state detection
  • 8 Velbus channels: 2 user channels, tamper alarm, 5 virtual buttons
  • uses one Velbus address (configurable in VelbusLink)
  • extensive day, week and year programs plus a built-in astronomical clock (sunrise and sunset timing) are included to operate, lock and unlock the channels automatically (configurable in VelbusLink)


  • dimensions (H x W x D): 144 x 78 x 32 mm
  • supply voltage: 15 ±3 VDC
  • current consumption: 130 mA max.
  • weight: 400 g
  • Velbus bus connector cross section (solid wire): 0.5 - 1.5 mm²
  • mounting screws, wall plugs and 2 RFID cards included
  • operating conditions: -20 to +70°C
  • protection rating: IP65
  • delays for code entry and card reading: 10 seconds max. delay for next digit entry; 30 seconds max. delay for code entry after card reading
  • address range: 1-250
  • number of channels: 8
  • number of program steps: 70 max.
  • storage conditions: -20 to +70°C, 5-95% relative humidity non-condensing
  • housing: die-cast zinc alloy protection bracket
  • faceplate material: stainless steel
  • max. transmitted power: < -57 dBm

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