Luxom push button Interface


Push button Interface

10 input/output channels are available and can be configured individually as input or as output.

For connecting your push button switches. Free choice of brand or model. Feedback LEDs can also be connected

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This I/O event module is a Luxom network unit with an on board controller for interfacing with potential free contacts or for controlling Luxom visualization LEDs.
There are 10 input/output channels in total.
Every channel can be configured individually as input or as output.
Visualization LEDs for indicating the status or position of lighting and shutters, heating and ventilation, doors and windows, garage doors and yard fences, lock or shift functions. A LED can be on or off, blinking or inverted
  • The shift function allows you to change the function of all 10 channels with just 1 command. This effectively doubles the number of actions with the same amount of buttons. For example: shift mode not active: control lighting shift mode active: control shutters A LED output can be used to indicate whether shift mode is either active or not active.
  • An input can be made to act upon: opening/closing of a contact and/or a short, long, double or triple push. This means that, together with the shift function, up to 80 actions can be sent using only 10 inputs!
  • The lock function enables you to deactivate each input via a bus command.
    Example applications:
    • Override/deactivate a motion detector or PIR
    • Deactivate garden light controls during day time
    • Deactivate special functions when children/housekeeper/baby-sit are present.


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