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Luxom IP interface


IP interface
Allows you to connect your Luxom installation to your Home network. And allows Home center for Luxom to connect. That way, you can configure the installation and have visual display function with iPAD, iPHONE, windows or Android tablet or device.

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Bus-Ethernet Gateway
This module allows you to communicate with the Luxom system over TCP/IP.
You can connect up to 9 devices at the same time.
All Luxom modules can be controlled and programmed using the master port: 2300. This port allows only one user at the same time.
All Luxom modules can be controlled using port: 2301. This port allows maximum 8 users at the same time.

  • Greater flexibility because an existing IP infrastructure can be used.
  • Uses the international IP standard protocol.
  • Wireless communication with the Luxom system via WLAN.

This module has a configurable ‘TCP/IP address’, ‘Default Gateway’ and ‘Network ID’ settings.
This module has a built-in active termination unit.
A wired bridge is required (on the ‘I’ connector) to activate the internal termination.
Your Luxom Bus is operational and ready to communicate via IP as soon as 24VDC is connected to this IP router.


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